So….this is my first food blog… Why the Clock and Compass?  This blog is here to share the best of our heritage and tradition.  Whether you are eating out, cooking at home using age old recipes, or traditional food and drinks with your own twist.

I am transplant between Minnesota and Wisconsin, even though they are right next to each other they are very different and equally as proud of what they have to offer.  Minnesota is a cultural smorgasbord, it’s really a place where tradition reigns–no matter WHAT your tradition, culture, or heritage is, you will find it here in its finest form.   Wisconsin utilizes its rustic resources…fish, game, cheese and of course brats and beer, and puts its own twist on food from its people’s Northern European roots.    Minnesota has grocery stores and restaurants, Wisconsin has the bar & grill…with grocery stores inside of them.  Minnesota eats a lot, Wisconsin drinks a lot.  I’ve been lucky enough to become one with both.

My family has been dedicating time and plates to foods from around the world, and from different era’s, I have an agenda to celebrate and share tradition and heritage.

Some of my best recipes and ideas have come from restaurants.  We love going out to eat, trying different foods and drinks, then taking the idea home, and making it with our own changes.   I am excited to share my personal favorites from the local scene and recipes with you, and look forward to hearing your personal favorite places and foods from your area.


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