2 eggs, slightly beaten
2 teaspoons sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup whole milk
1 cup sifted flour
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Powdered Sugar

Heat deep fryer to 375 degrees then place the rosette irons into the hot oil. The irons have to be hot otherwise the batter will stick and will make this experience very frustrating.
In a mixing bowl, add sugar to the slightly beaten eggs, then whisk in milk and lemon juice. Sift flour with salt. Stir into egg mixture and whisk or beat until smooth. The batter should have the consistency of heavy cream.
Drain the cookies upside down, then set upright to coat with powdered sugar.
Helpful Hints:
• You will want to have paper towels set next to your deep fryer for two things; to drain the cookies on after they are done and to dab the irons on so they are not dripping with oil when you dip them in the batter.
• When you dip the irons into the batter, don’t allow the batter to go over the top of the irons anywhere or the cookies will not come off.
• Keep a fork handy in case you do get the batter over the top of the irons, when the cookies are done use the fork to scrape the excess batter and pull the cookie off.
• Keep tongs handy in case the cookies come off the iron in the oil before they are done. Assume the first couple of cookies will not turn out right.
• Make sure that your oil stays hot, wait for it to get back to temperature before trying to fry more cookies or they will taste oily.
• Sift the powdered sugar onto the cookies with a wire mesh sifter so you get an even coating.
• Use a container for your batter that your irons will fit into—if you have one iron a round container will work, if you are using a two or more forked iron, make sure the container is wide enough to fit them and it should not be a tapered dish unless the irons fit all the way to the bottom.


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