About Me

I’m usually referred to as a jack of all trades…I guess that would be true…
I’ve spent my entire working life in the restaurant and bar industry. My passion has always been in cooking and making drinks (so basically I like eating and drinking). I do have a few traditional culinary specialties that I will share, and you will soon learn about my passion for creating infused liquors.
Aaaannnd when I’m not working, I’ve spent my life as an artist; I like using something old and turning it into something else. My work usually consists of taking an idea and over exaggerating it, bordering on gaudy but at least over the top.
My friends will laugh and nod in acknowledgment when I tell you that I’m the one you will see stirring her drink with a steak knife, and if you’re at my house you will be stirring a drink with a steak knife too.
Yes, yes I AM the one having hot wings and a pint of Guinness with a side of Bloody Mary for breakfast at 8am on a Sunday morning. It’s all good. 🙂


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